About us

About Mrnutstores

A journey that began 20 years ago with the hope of plotting an organic route for a better tomorrow has bloomed and blossomed into what you see here today. A brand that speaks for itself when it comes to the purity and surety of its produce. A brand that treads the extra mile to ensure that the poetry of the earth reaches your plates clean, fresh and green. A brand that is creating a revolution in producing smart and living healthy.

Why Mrnutstores

At Pure and Sure, we continue to believe that an organic farmer is the peacemaker of today, and organic farming is bringing a tectonic shift into this agriculture of peace. We are ‘Farmers First’, not just growing crops but creating an environment where crops can grow naturally, beautifully and sustainably. The search and discovery of nature’s pathways for sustainable methods of farming have led us closer to our intention of bringing pure, clean, and organic food from farm to table.
And like they say, if a bug won’t bite it, then why should you?

Grown by nature, served with love

We take pride in the fact that all our produce is grown by nature itself, with no artificial fertilizers or chemicals. Everything under the Pure and Sure label is pure and sure to be natural, and with this power of nature bustling in every product, we serve them out with love.

Eat fresh, spend local

Multiple farms and facilities across the country help us in bringing you food that’s coming from as close as close can get. Hence, when you eat Pure and Sure, you’re sure to eat fresh and your investment in organic is sure to help boost your local farmer’s income.